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At the present time, this site is primarily concerned with keeping the history and my own memories of WADN alive in some form on the web.

If you are searching for WBNW and/or the Money Matters Radio Network:

...Then you are looking for the CURRENT occupant of the 1120 kHz AM frequency in eastern Massachusetts, WBNW, owned by Barry Armstrong's Money Matters Radio. WBNW is airing a format that combines personal finance, financial news, and human interest. Click here for more information about the current station.

If you are a recording artist, music promoter, music label, or artist manager in the folk, singer/songwriter, Americana, new age, or world music veins:

Perhaps you have sent a promotional CD to one of WADN's original Concord, MA addresses and the postal service returned it as undeliverable. It's amazing how many people still do that all these years later. Troubadour 1700 AM is a Part 15 radio station and internet stream I operate that, to a great degree, continues the original concept of WADN's format.

So, there is still an outlet available to expose your music. Simply change the "WADN" entry in your mailing list to the following:

Jeffrey Gill
Troubadour 1700 AM
154 Great Road #8
Shirley, MA 01464-2833
jeff at t1700.net

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