Radio Station WADN: A Primer

FIRST CONCEIVED: Approximately 1977 by Lloyd Simon. He was in his early 20’s at the time.


COMMUNITY OF LICENSE: Concord, Massachusetts

DATES OF OPERATION: August 28, 1989 to November 30, 1998. Call letter change on December 1, 1998 to WBNW. (Note: In 1989, WADN was an entirely new facility. Previous to its sign-on, no other station in eastern Massachusetts had occupied the 1120 frequency.)

STUDIO LOCATIONS: August 1989 - April 1996: Lower suite, Damonmill Square, West Concord, MA. 1996 - 1999: Concord Office Park, West Concord, MA.

FORMATS: From  August 1989 to December 1996 - Community based, locally originated format of folk and acoustic music (including live artist interviews), supplemented by discussion programs about the arts and entertainment, literature, local history (included period actors), local politics, conservation, and advocacy groups. Local programming was augmented by news and information features from the BBC and the CBC. In late 1996, business and personal finance programming, most of it satellite delivered, began to replace the original format. By April of 1997, all of the original folk oriented programming had disappeared.

MEANS OF FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Commercial broadcast station. Client base was almost entirely small, locally owned businesses and regional chains.

OWNERSHIP: 1989-1993: Walden Communications Corporation; 1993-1998: Assabet Communications Corporation

DAYTIME POWER AND COVERAGE: 5,000 watts utilizing a “figure 8” directional pattern. Primary lobe favored Cambridge and Boston (in spite of reception complaints in those areas). Secondary lobe favored Fitchburg and Leominster. Primary null was NNE toward Salem, NH. Secondary null was south toward Providence, RI. (See FCC data base for more details.)

NIGHTTIME POWER AND COVERAGE: 1,000 watts utilizing an elliptical directional pattern favoring the ENE. Sharp nulls to the WSW and WNW. (See FCC data base for more details.)

TRANSMITTER LOCATION: Off Knox Trail, adjacent to the Concord Office Park, South Acton, Massachusetts. In its natural state, the property is a glade on the Assabet River flood plain. Unfortunately, it’s a former Superfund site once owned by W.R. Grace.

CONTACT INFORMATION: All correspondence intended for the original WADN should be directed as follows (It’s amazing how many people still addressed mail to the station years after it had ceased to exist...):

Jeffrey Gill
Troubadour 1700 AM
154 Great Road #8
Shirley, MA 01464-2833
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My WADN Odyssey
by Jeff Gill
Former Music Director & Air Personality

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